Bod Plastic Is The Plastic Netting Manufacturer In China

Established in 2009, BOD Plastic has since grown into a trusted name in the plastic mesh netting industry. From industrial usage to agricultural usage, and even every day applications, plastic mesh is a great, environmentally friendly storage option for small bundles of products. We are proud to offer high quality mesh netting products at outstanding prices, so that customers can be assured they are getting the right plastic netting for their needs. Come see us today, and let us help you with your need to find environmentally friendly packaging! Details

We use PP, PE, EVA, and nylon four resin materials as raw materials, and users can choose which material is most appropriate for their needs. The production process is then divided into the extrusion process and knitting process.

Plastic Netting

BOD company provides customized plastic mesh netting with various mesh size, processes and specifications. There are extruded mesh netting and knitted mesh netting provided by us using different process, mainly made of Polypropylene, Polyethylene, EVA and Nylon . When the user does not have a clear idea of the mesh netting, our company will recommend and manufacture proper products with suitable plastic grid packaging solutions according to exact customer needs.