Spacer Mesh

Spacer mesh sleeve
The mesh is extruded into two crossed threads that can then divert liquids, leading to its wide usage for casting resin joints in different applications, such as Low- and Medium Voltage, Cable Accessories and 2-component PUR Cast Resins.

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Quality Standard
Steady with a zero error tolerance.

Typical Specification

Specification Color Usage
30holes, 9g/m, natural width 55mm
Mesh size: 4.5*4.5mm
Natural or as you require Be injected resin to fix the connection

Custom Solutions
BOD plastics provide cost effective extruded mesh solution by offering high quality extruded mesh. Extruded plastic mesh is made using a variety of unique extrusion and expansion processes to produce a wide range of apertures(hole sizes),weights,and thicknesses.

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