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Plastic Mesh Netting

    1. Plastic Filter Net
    2. Plastic Filter Net
      320holes, 140g/sqm, width 950mm, usually 200m/roll(could be customized)
      Mesh size: 3*3mm, thickness: 0.93mm
      Color: Natural, white, etc.
      Usage: Be composited with non-woven fabrics for filtration
    1. Spacer Mesh
    2. Spacer Mesh
      30holes, 9g/m, natural width 55mm
      Mesh size: 4.5*4.5mm
      Color: Natural or as you require
      Usage: Be injected resin to fix the connection
    1. Protective Mesh Sleeve
    2. Protective Mesh Sleeve
      BODPlastics provides outstanding and cost effective protective mesh sleeves to customers all over the world. Made through a plastic extrusion process, it is one of the main types of protective sleeving in the sleeve category for the protection of auto parts, wine bottles, chinaware, filter cartridges and more.