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Heat Seal Mesh Bag

Plastic sealed net bag is made of Polypropylene or Polyethylene , is also a kind of extruded net the same as flat net bag, the plastic net bag can be extruded in different mesh size. Normally the max loading capacity of the plastic net bag is between 3 to 5kg. Our Plastic net bag is non-toxic, portable,ventilate and economical,and any colors,size,style and logos of paper and plastic are available.

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● Mesh bags can be used to pack vegetables and fruit, eggs, marinating foods, and shellfish. As they are transparent, they will allow customers to easily view the food they are buying, and as they are made out of food grade material, a mesh bag is safe for food. It is designed not only to protect the food, but also act as attractive packaging to draw customer attention.
● Mesh bags are also widely used as a drain wrap to prevent hair from clogging the drain. Different sizes conform to different drain sizes, making it an economic and popular choice.
● They can also be used to pack small stones, which are then often sold in tourist shops and outdoor decoration shops. The mesh is clear, offering an easy view of the stones inside.
● Supermarkets and iron racks also use mesh bags, as they make packing products quick and easy, while still saving time and money.

Typical Specification

NB85-6.5-380-430 Heat Seal Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
85holes, 6.5g/m, max width 380mm, length 430mm
Mesh size: 6*6mm
Red, yellow, green, black, orange pack vegetable & fruit
NB140-8.5-300-300 Heat Seal Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
140holes, 8.5g/m, max width 300mm, length 300mm
Mesh size: 4*4mm
Red, green pack eggs
NB120-8-220-170 Heat Seal Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
120holes, 8g/m, max width 220mm, length 170mm
Mesh size: 2.5*2.5mm
white wrap floor drain to prevent hair and others from jamming
NB85-10-350-230 Extruded Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
Max width 350mm, length 230mm, 2.4g/pc
Max width 300mm, length 230mm, 1.78g/pc
Mesh size: 4.5*4.5mm
Black pack small stones
NB70-3-450 Extruded Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
70 holes, 3g/m, max width450mm
Length 400mm/500mm/600mm/700mm
Mesh size: 7*7mm
Yellow, green, blue, pink, white packing bags used in supermarket

Quality Standard
Vegetable & fruit net bag: firm & nice bottom, the same size mesh
Eggs net bag: nice mesh hole, bright colors, suitable width/wrap eggs not too tight and not too loose, strong third dimension
Marinating net bag: firm bottom, uniform mesh size
Shellfishes net bag: stronger tear tension
Wrap floor drain net bag: soft to the touch, uniform mesh, nice bottom, suitable mesh hole size (The hole size doesn't prevent water from going through, but is still small enough to catch hair before it goes down the drain.)
Small stones net bag: strong third dimension, uniform mesh, small mesh size
Packing net bag: light
Wicketed mesh bag: stronger tear tension

BOD Plastics provides the best cost effective sealed net bag to the world!Sealed net bag is finished products from rolls of extruded net. BOD plastic cuts each roll into small pieces and heat seals one end of the net to make a bottom for the bag.Since it is made by orientation technlogy,a bag with 2g weight can have 10kg load capacity.

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