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Flat Plastic Net Bag

About Flat Net Bag
Another of our most popular items is the flat net bag, which features a low stretchability in the width. The flat net bags could be shaped by manual deal, also could be shaped together with plastic film after auto-pack machine. The plastic film or the paper card on the flat net bag is an ideal area for advertised content to be placed on the bag. This high quality bag is most often used to pack fresh fruits such as oranges.

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Quality Standard
Pack oranges automatically: suitable width & hand feeling, node shape & thickness

Typical Specification

Specification Color Usage
150holes, 22g/m, max width 220mm
Mesh size: 1.4*1.4mm
Orange, red, natural or as you require Pack oranges or other fruit

BOD plastics provide cost effective extruded mesh solution by offering high quality extruded mesh. Extruded plastic mesh is applied to produce mesh netting and mesh bags with a wide range of apertures(hole sizes),weights,and thicknesses.

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