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Plastic Mesh Bag Rolls

Plastic mesh bags, also known as net bags can also be provided in a roll form, with a paper core. Most often, amounts are 1,000m/roll, however, the length can be customized according to customer requirements.

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They are most often used in packing automotive machine parts and food storage.

Typical Specification

NB85-7-400 Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
85holes, 7g/m, max width 400mm
Mesh size: 4.8*4.8mm
Blue, green, natural, orange, red Auto-packing net bag fruit & agricultural by- product
NB8-10-200H Plastic Mesh Bag
Specification Color Usage
8holes, 10g/m, max width 200mm
Mesh size: 25*25mm
Black, purple or as you require Cultivate mussels, together with inside layer of smaller mesh

Quality Standard
Auto-packing net/mesh bag: no knot and less break point, width requirement.
Mussels-cultivation net/mesh: good net/mesh tensile, suitable mesh size

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