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Plastic Mesh Bag

    1. Heat Seal Mesh Bag
    2. Heat Seal Mesh Bag
      Vegetable & fruit net bag: firm & nice bottom, the same size mesh
      Eggs net bag: nice mesh hole, bright colors, suitable width/wrap eggs not too tight and not too loose, strong third dimension
      Marinating net bag: firm bottom, uniform mesh size
    1. Flat Plastic Net Bag
    2. Flat Plastic Net Bag
      150holes, 22g/m, max width 220mm
      Mesh size: 1.4*1.4mm
      Color: Orange, red, natural or as you require
      Usage: Pack oranges or other fruit
    1. Biodegradable Plastic Net Bag
    2. Biodegradable Plastic Net Bag
      As environmental friendliness is extremely important, we have also designed and produced degradable net bags. After being emptied, these bags will break down, with no harm to the environment. No matter the specifications, the bag is 100% biodegradable.
    1. Plastic Mesh Bag Rolls
    2. Plastic Mesh Bag Rolls
      85holes, 7g/m, max width 400mm
      Mesh size: 4.8*4.8mm
      Color: Blue, green, natural, orange, red
      Usage: Auto-packing net bag fruit & agricultural by- product
    1. Clipped Net Bag, Plastic Mesh Bag
    2. Clipped Net Bag, Plastic Mesh Bag
      80holes, 15.5g/m, max width 400mm
      Mesh size: 5*5mm
      Color: Red, natural or as you require
      Usage: Pack ham with steel clip closure for smoking treatment

BOD Plastics provides cost effective extruded plastic mesh netting solutions by offering high quality extruded mesh and netting bags. Extruded and knitted plastic mesh is used to produce a wide range of mesh bags with different apertures (hole sizes), weights, and thicknesses.