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When it comes to reliable, environmentally friendly storage and packaging options, plastic netting is often a go to choice, and here in China, BOD Plastics is a prominent, professional plastic netting manufacturer. Established in 2009, we focus on the design tooling processing and production management of net solutions, in order to guarantee a reliable, efficient net solution for customers all over the world. We serve a variety of industries, such as packing, food processing, water treatment, air cleaners and electronic parts.

But what do I use plastic mesh netting for?
Plastic mesh has a wide applicability range, including industrial, agricultural, commercial and even uses inside sports arenas. However, perhaps the most recognizable application is the usage of plastic mesh netting on produce in grocery stores, such as oranges or garlic and other food product applications. It is versatile, and often flexible, allowing it to be used to bundle products together, or protect oddly shaped products (such as industrial components for various industries). Depending on a customer's application needs, plastic mesh netting is available in different materials, thicknesses, weights and designs.

Developing History
BOD Plastics was established in 2009, in a tiny workshop spanning only 400 square meters, and one production line with a boss working extremely hard to keep up with heavy and much larger competition.

In 2010, the company moved to Taiping, which is an area well known for its industrial way of life. The workshop expanded to 700 square meters and housed 2 production lines.

By 2013, the company had significantly grown, spurring a move to Yangchenghu County, and a workshop expansion to 1400 square meters and 8 production lines. The same year, we also designed a machine for tooling processing with a significantly improved tooling precision.

From 2014 onward, we continued to update our equipment, into new, advanced machinery, and developed new tooling method. We set aside 30% of our annual profits to begin funding an R&D department, and with the help of our loyal customers, we have successfully expanded our product catalogue.

Our customers

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