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EVA Mesh Netting

EVA is called Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, EVA material is as elastic as rubber and features an outstanding flexibility, chemical stability and aging resistance. The finished EVA plastic packaging mesh exceeds that of PE material mesh in terms of elasticity flexibility, gloss and improved resistance to environmental stress cracking. BOD company can provides customized EVA plastic mesh netting with various mesh size, processed by plastic extrusion or knitting, according to specifications in customer demands.

Material performance
Item Test condition Test data Data unit
Basic performance Density 0.9250 g/cm3
Melt flow rate 2.8 g/10min
Mechanical performance Tensile Strength 11.0 Mpa
Elongation at break 550 %
Processing performance Adhesion 3.0 N/10cm2
Other performance Fish eye 20 piece/1200cm2
Impurities 0.1mm ≤19 piece/100g
Stripe ≥B level
Cleanliness 15 degree/kg
Moisture Qualified
Fish eye chain 0.5~2mm ≤390 piece/20cm2
Haze 14.0 %
Hue ≤-16

Here are mesh netting examples provided by our company:

Our company can provide custom plastic mesh netting and net bags with application as follows:

Heat Seal Mesh Bags
Heat sealed bags can be used to pack vegetables and fruit, eggs, marinating foods, and shellfish. As they are transparent, they will allow customers to easily view the food they are buying, and as they are made out of food grade material, a mesh bag is safe for food. It is designed not only to protect the food, but also act as attractive packaging to draw customer attention.

Shellfish Packaging Netting
The most often design for shellfish packaging is an extruded tubular net bag, which is used to package mussels, clams and other shellfish types. We offer both extruded sealed net bags and rolled extruded net bags to meet different customer requirements for manual or automatic packaging purposes. Numerous types of plastic meshes, with different dimensions and thicknesses, and the variety of diameters available allow this category of nets to be used in many different ways. The capacity of these nets varies from 0.5 kg to 10 kg and they can be supplied pre-cut with one end sealed or in rolls around 1000meters each and then be used on the automatic vertical packing machines.

Bird Prevention Netting
Bird prevention netting is another one of our plastic extrusion products. Extruded using a high pressure, the liquid plastic that flows from the die flows into the desired netting shape. We orientate the mesh structure in either machine direction, cross direction, or both, to ensure the high strength while still maintaining the light weight. Safe to use all year, it can protect crops against birds, without influencing vital processes such as pollination and allowing rain to reach the soil. Available in rolls of 2m or 4m wide, the plastic bird prevention netting can be laid across large areas both quickly and easily.

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