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In addition to PE mesh netting, PP mesh netting and EVA mesh netting, BOD Plastics also provides nylon extruded or knitted net. Nylon plastic net has a high temperature resistance, excellent strength and low elongation. It is in line with FDA food application regulations. If you are confused about the choice of plastic net to best meet your needs, we will recommend the one most suitable to your specific needs.

Raw material performance
Item Test condition Test data Data unit
Basic performance Density 0.9250 g/cm3
Melt flow rate 2.8 g/10min
Mechanical performance Tensile strength 11.0 Mpa
Elongation at break 550 %
Processing performance Adhesion 3.0 N/10cm2
Other performance Fish eye 20 piece/1200cm2
Impurities 0.1mm ≤19 piece/100g
Stripe ≥B Level
Cleanliness 15 degree/kg
Moisture Qualified
Fish eye chain 0.5~2mm ≤390 Piece//20m2
Haze 14.0 %
Hue ≤-16

Here are mesh netting examples provided by our company:

Our company can provide custom plastic mesh netting and net bags with application as follows:

Extruded Packaging Netting
This product features extremely high levels of quality, and achieves its flat net structure through a welding process, making it easy to customize with personalized designs for advertising and company logos. These extruded net bags are widely used in the food industry, and feature an excellent strength and high quality raw materials. During the filling process, printing can also be done, including options for bar codes, weight, packing dates.

Knitted Net Bags
Knitted net bags are widely used for packaging fruit, aquatic products, and bacon for breathability, ventilation and the maximum degree of food preservation. Consumers directly see, touch and smell the wrapped goods in the knitted bag. Bod produces knitted net bags made from different resin raw materials to meet the user requirements. We also design and produce the proper net bags in compliance with your specific needs.

Protective Mesh Sleeve
BOD Plastics provides high quality, cost effective protective mesh sleeves to customers both at home and abroad. These protective mesh sleeves are made through a plastic extrusion process, and are a primary type in the protective sleeve category, and are widely used to protect auto parts, wine bottles, chinaware, filter cartridges and more.

Christmas Tree Netting
Bod's plastic mesh can be used for the packaging of trees. With its outstanding flexibility and strong tensile strength, it can withstand extreme packaging wear during the transportation process. Packaging trees with plastic net effectively reduces transportation costs, especially in large quantities of transport. At Bod Plastics, we offer the plastic netting in a variety of colors, extrusion and knitting processes for customers to choose from. Customized specifications are also available based on customer requirements, and we will also recommend the best plastic netting for a customer's specific needs.

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