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Polypropylene Mesh Netting

Polypropylene material is a thermoplastic material with a high impact resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance. Extruded polypropylene packaging net is transparent before being colored and is known for its outstanding ductility and strength. Compared to polyethylene, polypropylene is more economical. Finished polypropylene plastic extruded nets feature chemical stability and light weight, and are in full compliance with FDA regulations for contact applications. BOD company can provides customized PP plastic mesh netting with various mesh size, processed by plastic extrusion or knitting, according to specifications in customer demands.

Material performance
Item Test method Test data Data unit
Basic performance Cleanliness(color chip) SH/T1541-93 4 piece/kg
Solution flow rate GB/T3682-2000 2.6 g/10min
Isotactic index GB/T2412-80 98.0 %
Powder gray scale GB/T9345-88 0.01 %
Mechanical performance IZOD impact strength GB/T1843-1996 4.2 Kj/m2
Tensile stress GB/T1040-92 34.5 Mpa

Here are mesh netting examples provided by our company:

Our company can provide custom plastic mesh netting and net bags with application as follows:

Packaging Net Bag

Our net bags are ideal for packaging retail food, meat and seafood for the visibility of the packaged goods in the bag, allowing users to see, touch and smell the wrapped products. These net bags are made of PP, PE, nylon and other raw materials. Each finished bag has an excellent tensile strength, and to better meet client needs, we offer customization based on specific requirements for color, size and materials.

Filtering Net

Filtering nets are widely used is widely used in the support or protection of media in pleated filter elements and feed spacer mesh in reverse osmosis membrane applications. Several polymers can be used in filter nets, which are also available in a wide range of mesh sizes and configurations. BOD Plastics focuses on mesh angles and thicknesses in the filter mesh, in order to provide the best liquid flow through the filtering net.

Aquaculture Farming Net

The extruded nets are an ideal choice for mussel farming. Here at Bod Plastics, we offer top of the line mussel aquaculture mesh in different sizes and tensile strengths to best meet different application needs, such as oyster breeding, shell fish breeding and sea food cultivation. This top of the line material is resistant to temperatures lower than -20°C, ensuring it can be used in cold environments. BOD Plastics provides effective aquaculture farming plastic mesh according to customer needs.

Metal Parts Protection

Our high quality protective nets provide protection for vital parts of different products. These extruded nets can be used to wrap a protective cover made of PP, PE, nylon or other raw materials around a product and protect it from external shock. We can also provide customized colors, with different colors and sizes based on customer requirements. We sincerely look forward to your contact.

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