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Producution Process

Structure of Plastic Netting Extrusion Production Line

Main Parts of the Extrusion Line mainly as:
Drying machine, plastic extruder, die head, inner tooling, outer tooling, diameter setting, first orientation, second orientation

Production Principle of the Extruded Plastic Mesh Netting
After heating, the plastic particles that are melted into the liquid enter the die head through push pressure from the extruder. The inner and outer tooling are installed on the inner and outer swivels respectively, and when working, they run in opposite directions at the same speed. There are slots in the same quantity on each tooling, offering a channel for the melted plastic to flow under the high pressure from the extruder. When the slots on both toolings meet, a netting joint is formed, whereas a hole remains when they're apart.

Raw Material
We use PP, PE, EVA and nylon as raw materials. We determine the formula needed from the sample given, or physical property requirements. All material used is 100% virgin, so that we can guarantee the final product quality and ensure customers get the best possible final product.

Quality Control
We pay the strictest amount of attention to quality control. We also pay attention to the technical ERP management system. This means each product has its own product code and related BOM form, as well as technician data. This ensures the purchase department and the production department work together seamlessly for an on time and correct production.

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